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What is Maggie's Way ?

Maggie's Way is an initiative I put my heart and soul into to empower people to become happier.


Through my own experiences I have been able to  step-by-step plan, "The Way", which consists of four steps. By following the 4 steps, it is explained in a motivating and stimulating way how to  get the best out of yourself.


In addition, a relevant blog is posted on the website every month. Inspirations are also shared, via the website, under Maggie & More, which consist of a diversity of themes that can be traced back to The Way. 


How did it begin?

I myself have known many difficult years in which I ended up in a burnout and had a lot of trouble to get out of it.


This has become a personal quest of 7 years, during which I have found the answers why I felt so bad. During that period I received various stamps, took corresponding medicines and followed therapies while I was not getting better.


In the absence of healing, I started to follow my own path and as a result I found out who I really am. The main result of this is that for the first time in my life I have started to stand up for myself, which is the basis of The Way.

What do you want with it?

I want to make the method available to a wide audience to help them become as happy as I am.


I know the method works, as I have gone from a depressed person with suicidal thoughts to a person who is very grateful and enjoys every day.


At the moment I have also started working with a select group where the first reactions are very positive. This of course makes me very happy and of course stimulates me to continue with this.


It is of course very fascinating to see and understand that you can give yourself a happier life.


Now I want to make as many people as possible aware of the fact that so much more is possible in life and that people can get so much more out of themselves.


If a few people start applying The Way and they make it happy and in turn share those people with a number of people, then something very beautiful is created.


I would like to make the world a little bit more beautiful and I think I can.

"It is all in the mind:)!"

- Maggie

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