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This time in the podcast Sander Koewe by Elite trainers   from Amsterdam and The Hague.

Sander always inspires me enormously and we have been training together for years. He has grown super; as a person and with his company. We always spar together about health, sports & exercise and the growth of personal development.
I always get a lot of energy from him, because we both love to talk about new things to become more vital.
Now we have been training a lot lately and use the new way of exercising according to the Ido Portal method and that of Trevor Hash, MOVEMENT. And then Sander's sauce over it, great :).

My goal is that I will be able to really stand on my hands and be able to do something fun in those rings. Our bodies are getting stiffer and stiffer, something just needs to be done about it.
Many of us can no longer sit on the floor, on our knees. Are no longer flexible. How nice is it when you can move easily and you also know that it is good for you. Your bones stay strong and you can stay active longer.
Sports is so important, find out what you like and what makes you happy!


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