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The Inspirators (inspirers) on this page are my heroes.  How happy I become when I listen to them and watch them!  I learned a lot from them.  My “Way” was created by combining their stories and my own experiences and insights.  Believing that it is possible, taking care of yourself, knowing who you are, and getting started with your own happy list, and then… also focus on it!  Then you will make big leaps. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ☺

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For me, Simon Sinek is someone who made me realise that you can achieve anything by finding a passion.  When you find that passion, your Why, something opens up in your heart.  You notice that everything just happens, because you are working on something that touches you and that you support.  Meaning and purpose.  Do good for yourself and also for and with others. 
Better Together. Synergy (Together Energy)!


Through Brene Brown I learned that I can be myself and that it is actually good to share your feelings, thoughts and vulnerabilities.  We all have the same challenges but are often afraid to speak up. 
When you start opening yourself up, you will finally feel free.  Brene, together with my own life experience, also made me realise that we have so many addictions that we hide behind - phone, work, food, drink, pills.  Dare to look at your addiction and consider what drawbacks it actually has.  Only then will you see how you can be trapped.  Is that what you want?  When you find the strength to deal with your addictions and not blame others, a whole new world will open up for you! 

If you can do that, you should be really proud of yourself.  I
n fact, only then can you really feel free and good!  Even small steps are okay.

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Tony Robbins is a wonderfully energetic man whom I admire and learn a lot from. He has a lot of experience and can explain it very well!  I advise you to watch him a lot and maybe even attend one of his sessions.  He has the gift of making people believe in themselves.  That's exactly what makes me so happy.  By handling time, energy, and attention differently, you can turn your life around completely.  You can do this too! 
Believe in yourself!  Anyone can do this.


They made me realise that exercise is so important.  In this modern world we have become accustomed to chairs, lounge sofas, etc.  We are no longer really sitting - no more sitting on the floor, on our knees, or sitting cross-legged.  As a result, you do not realise that we are getting stiffer and are more susceptible to injuries. When you're older, this is quite difficult to reverse.  Sports that use your flexibility are very good for you.  Think of ballet, dance, yoga, stretching, but also having fun, whether this is in the gym or your own living room!  I found out that I really like the animal flows, for example, and hanging in the rings is also great.  Challenge yourself and do something you can't do (yet). 

Movement is so important.  But above all, do what you love.

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What a woman!  I was totally flabbergasted when I first saw this video.  I was already working on my mindset a lot, but what Marisa Peer showed me made me believe even more in what we can do if we want to!  The Law of Attraction is one of them.  She also taught me the Bounce Back Factor.  It is so important to get up again, try again, and not give up.  As soon as you start to believe in yourself, and in what is possible, a whole new world opens up for you! 

Good luck.

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