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Is it really December already? 

Time flies so fast!


For me, December is the biggest challenge of the year!! Yes really. I usually have things under control and have a wonderful life, but every year in December things seem to go wrong.   The perfectionist in me reappears when I think about everything I have to do…


Deciding the menus for all those meals – Sinterklaas, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, 

All those parties to go to AND choosing what clothes to wear!

Choosing the perfect gifts,

Setting a beautiful Christmas table

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Hoping that everyone is having fun! 

Flynn's birthday….

And on the days themselves… hope everyone is having a good time!!

"Create the meal menus TOGETHER and make the meals TOGETHER and eat them TOGETHER! Connect with each other."



I just want to do it all so well ☺, but there’s just too much to do - can I go and lie down now in my bed!!??   But it doesn’t need to be like this – I WON’T let this ruin my own enjoyment of this time of the year.  


So, this year, I’m going to make a plan for myself.  Below are some of the steps I’m thinking about and we're going to make it a great month because we're going to plan everything ☺!!!!




I must confess that last year, in the week before Christmas, I literally stopped in the supermarket and then I looked around me!  I didn’t see happy people.  What I saw was, people almost running, they had angry faces, I saw the stress, I heard the arguing.  I thought to myself “Why are we doing this to ourselves?”.  Wouldn’t it be so much nicer if we could manage to do our errands in peace?  I don't know about you, but I want to go and experience the nice things in December - I want to enjoy it. 


So why don't we sit down and make that to-do list and slowly and calmly work through it?   You know, it’s OK if you forget something … there is always a solution.  If you work through your to-do list with confidence this month you will overcome the stress AND learn a lot.   What if we could do that? What do you think?  Is it possible?

Especially for the holidays, Maggie has a planner to help you create an overview during this busy month!

From a gift list to a menu and a clothing/accessories overview. Everything you need!




For those of you who know my story, I have experienced so much in stressful periods that I have now learned to let go of things much better than before.  I have learned to see that things happen the way they do and as soon as you recognise the challenges along the way, you can learn to walk around much more satisfied.  These days, I almost never get ANGRY because I have experienced that in the past and it does not help me - it just makes things worse. I just don't want that stressed feeling anymore. So, whatever happens it's okay.  When you can learn to let go of the stress you put on yourself you will feel such peace and that is a very nice feeling. 



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